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VIII Intercontinental Cuban Psychology Convention HOMINIS 2018. News RPS

VIII Intercontinental Cuban Psychology Convention HOMINIS 2018

The Cuban Society of Psychology announces VIII Intercontinental Cuban Psychology Convention HOMINIS 2018 that will take place in La Habana, Cuba. This Convention will provide you a contemporary vision, according to the demands and requirements of Cuban Psychology, inserted in the dynamics of our social project with its achievements, prospects and future challenges.

The main topics of the Convention are:

  1. Psychological epistemology, theory, history, methodologies and technics.
  2. Education and human development from the professional perspective.
  3. Health and human well-being as conditions for development.
  4. Psychology and Sustainable economy: the human being in organizations.
  5. Psychology and Neurosciences.
  6. Social networks: the human being and his role in the community.
  7. The Psychology in the diversity of human activities: science, culture, sport, recreation.
  8. The Psychology against exclusions, addictions and discriminations.
  9. Training and updating Psychology professionals.
  10. Orientation and psychological attention to people, groups and vulnerable communities.
  11. Sexuality, couple, family and gender.

Working languages are Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

For further information and registration please visit http://www.hominiscuba.com/en/invitation

Author: Cuban Society of Psychology
Theme: VIII Intercontinental Cuban Psychology Convention

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