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International Psychological Forum “Child in a Digital World”
Published: 04.03.2021

We invite you to attend the International Psychological Forum “Child in a Digital World” which will be held online on 1-2 June 2021.

The Forum is initiated by the Psychology Institute of Russian Academy of Education together with the Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University and Russian Psychological Society and is supported by European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations. Participation in the forum is free of charge.

All sessions will be simultaneously translated into Russian, English and Spanish, and presentations can be made in any of these three languages.

All presenters and participants must register by April 1, 2021: https://digitalchildhood.org/en/.

The special issue "Subjective well-being: predictors and consequences": deadline is extended!
Published: 01.02.2021 | Edtorial Board "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art"

We are glad to announce that the manuscript submission deadline for the special issue "Subjective well-being: predictors and consequences" is extended until February, 7!

You can submit your manuscripts here http://psychologyinrussia.com/for-authors

Link source: http://psychologyinrussia.com/for-authors/call-for-papers/

Theme: Psychology in Russia: State of the Art

IV International Conference «Relevant Issues of Forensic Psychological Expertise and Complex Forensic Examination. Modern Computer Technologies in Expert Practice» Kaluga, December 18-19, 2020.
Published: 27.11.2020 | Tsiolkovskiy Kaluga State University

Venue: 22/48, Stepan Razin Str., Tsiolkovskiy Kaluga State University, Kaluga, Russia. The Conference is to be held in an on-line format.

Ways of participating in the Conference:

  • Delivering a plenary report on one of the conference research areas (15 minutes).
  • Making a speech at a panel discussion (5-7 minutes).

The working languages are Russian and English. The registration is free by any link:

The conference participant needs to include the name of his/her report/speech and abstracts (up to 300 words) in the registration form.

Deadline: December 5 (plenary reports) and December 10 (panel discussion). 

Theme: International Conference

EFPA Standing Committee (SC) on Clinical NeuroPsychology has published an article
Published: 12.10.2020

The article presents research results dedicated to accurate topics related to policies and guiding principles clinical neuropsychology education and competency development, gathered during the last five years by the SC from experts in this area representing 30 countries.

One of the co-authors and active contributors to the SC work is Natalia Varako – the Russian Psychological Society member, Senior Researcher at the Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Scientists from 49 countries united to fight COVID-19 pandemic
Published: 25.09.2020 | RPS

During 16-17 September 2020 scientists from different countries participated in international online-conference “Role of Psychology in fighting COVID-19 pandemic: International perspective”. Experts presented results of their research on psychological influence of self-isolation, experience in psychological assistance and assessment in order to better cope with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and deliver evidence-based service in relation to that.

Theme: COVID-2019

International Scientific Methodical Online Conference “State and Prospects for the Development of Domestic and World Psychology Dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of Professor S.M. Dzhakupov”
Published: 21.09.2020

Date: October 31, 2020 at 13:00 (Nur-Sultan time)

Format: Online conference on Zoom (Conference ID: 729 4094 9342 access Code: 123456)

Paper submission is accepted until October 15, 2020 by e-mail kaznu20@gmail.com .

Conference Registration fee, including publication - 3000 tenge (6 EUR). All que stions about payment, please contact with Toksanbayeva Nazgul Bahytovna by cell-phone: +7 775 217 35 44.

International online-conference “Role of Psychology in Fighting Covid-19 Pandemic: International Perspective”
Published: 02.09.2020 | RPS

16 -17 September 2020, Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University is organizing an online-conference where experts from European, Asian, North and South American, African psychological associations will be discussing psychological point of view on COVID-19 pandemic and psychological contribution to cope with it. The conference is supported by International Union of Psychological Sciences (IUPsyS) and European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA).

Special issue of "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art" — "Subjective well-being: predictors and consequences" (№3 2021)
Published: 22.07.2020 | Edtorial Board "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art"

Guest co-editors: Magdalena Żemojtel-Piotrowska (Poland), Sofya Nartova-Bochaver (Russia)

This special issue will be devoted to the topic of subjective well-being. 

The main aim of the issue is to show the wide range of phenomena related to subjective well-being, including its predictors, descriptors, and consequences in various life  situations and cross-cultural context. 

The special issue invites articles that advance knowledge and experience about the different aspects of subjective well-being – features and circumstances contributing to it as well as those that decrease and damage it. Research on familiar phenomena of positive psychology, like personal authenticity, in various fields of psychology, is also planned to be presented. Papers on diagnostics of subjective well-being, interventions, cases, experimental and empiric studies as well as methodological and analytic articles, presenting different approaches to understanding subjective well-being and positive functioning are welcomed.

Deadline for submission is February 1st, 2021

Link source: http://psychologyinrussia.com/for-authors/call-for-papers/

Theme: Psychology in Russia: State of the Art

Special issue of "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art" — "COVID-19: psychological challenges"
Published: 26.05.2020 | Edtorial Board "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art"

Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform you that the new issue of the journal "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art" - 13(4), 2020 - was released. You can access the full-text articles here: http://psychologyinrussia.com/volumes/13_4_2020.php

Link source: http://psychologyinrussia.com/volumes/13_4_2020.php

Theme: Psychology in Russia: State of the Art