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Current news

Current news

EFPA General Assembly in Moscow has elected new Executive Council Member from Russia!
Published: 08.07.2019 | Directorate RPS

At the EFPA General Assembly meeting in Moscow on July 7 2019, the delegates elected a new president for EFPA: Christoph Steinebach from Federation of Swiss Psychologists and Federation of German psychologists’ associations. He is the successor of Telmo Mourinho Baptista who served 4 years as President of EFPA.

New EC members are Secretary General Ole Tunold (Norway), Treasurer Nicola Gale (UK), Koen Lowet (Belgium). Russian Psychological Spciety is especially honored that for the first time in history its’ representative became an EC member: Anna Leybina (Russia), PhD, scientific officer at Lomonosov Moscow State University, member of Russian NAC, and the Chair of ECP 2019 Executive Committee also has been elected by the General Assembly to contribute to EFPA EC.