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EFPA Standing Committee (SC) on Clinical NeuroPsychology has published an article

EFPA Standing Committee (SC) on Clinical NeuroPsychology has published an article


The article presents research results dedicated to accurate topics related to policies and guiding principles clinical neuropsychology education and competency development, gathered during the last five years by the SC from experts in this area representing 30 countries.

One of the ways to promote these standards is the EuroPsy certificate. It is based on the general EuroPsy and compliments national standards without overruling them. An attempt has been made to find common principles, that may become a foundation for universal, solid, and comprehensive specialized education and training of European clinical neuropsychologists. Despite possible difficulties, this certificate is a significant step forward in clinical neuropsychology development in Europe.

This article provides recommendations on universal system of competencies by influencing general education/training in Europe, this will protect society from unqualified, unethical practice, and promote transparency, as well as will raise pan-European standards, and mobility opportunity for clinical neuropsychologists, and their clients to benefit professional sphere, and population.

One of the co-authors and active contributors to the SC work is Natalia Varako – the Russian Psychological Society member, Senior Researcher at the Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

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